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Don’t Let Rodents Live In Your House!

There can be several reasons that a rodent issue occurs. We will take care of both getting rid of the rodents and taking preventive measures so they won’t come back. We want you feeling comfortable in your home again, ASAP!

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Mice, Rats & Voles Control In Thorndale PA

We Exterminate Mice, Rats & Voles In Thorndale PA

Mice, Rats and Voles are more than just an inconvenience in your home. Along with damage to your home, they can pose a real health risk to you, your family, and even your pets. Rodents carry lots of diseases and can get into areas like your attic, crawl space, and interior walls.

Your home is an ideal environment for rodents. It is temperature controlled and provides all of a rodent’s basic needs: shelter, food, and water. These pests can cause big problems for both your home and your family. Rodents can carry and spread disease to humans by contaminating surfaces and food. They can also destroy books, boxes, and other items to create their nests. In addition, rodents have been known to chew on wires and cause serious damage to building materials. The bottom line is that you do not want to have rodents inside of your Thorndale home. In order to protect your home from rodents, you need to bring in professional help. At ECPC Pest Control, we provide quick and effective rodent control services to homeowners in Thorndale.

At ECPC Pest Control we offer the following rodent control services:

Inspection – The first step in effective rodent control is getting a professional rodent inspection for your home. During the inspection we will identify areas where rodents are active, places where they enter your home, and other areas that have the potential to become entry points.

Rodent Eradication – The technicians at ECPC Pest Control have specialized training in the process of baiting, trapping, and removing rodents. We will remove any rodents that are discovered on your property along with their nests and any contaminated items.

Rodent Prevention – Once your home is free from rodent activity, we will take steps to prevent a future infestation. These steps include sealing up entry points, setting out bait and traps, and setting up routine rodent treatment services for your home.

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Get the help you need to protect your home from rodents

The threats that rodents pose to the safety of your family make them one of the most dangerous types of pests. Postponing treatment or trying to eradicate rodents on your own are both tactics that will leave your family exposed for longer than necessary. Get professional help dealing with your rodent problem so you can rest assured that your home is rodent-free. At ECPC Pest Control, we can quickly and effectively remove any rodents that are currently in or near your home.

Don’t Live With A Rodent Problem!

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