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Don’t Let Ants Take Over Your House!

Are you dealing with ants and other insects taking up residence in your kitchen, bathroom or your yard? At ECPC Pest Control, we’re familiar with the best methods to attack an ant problem at the Colony.

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Ant Control In Thorndale PA

We Exterminate Ants In Thorndale PA

If you are like most homeowners in the Thorndale area, you have discovered a line of ants marching through your kitchen at some point. Ants are small and skilled at squeezing through tiny spaces in order to find their way into your house. When ants enter your Thorndale home, it is in search of food. They can be drawn inside your house by small crumbs, forgotten spills, and an overflowing trashcan. The best way to keep your home protected from the threat of ants is to partner up with an ant control expert like the ones you will find at ECPC Pest Control. Your efforts matter, but even if you are diligent with your efforts to clean up food waste and seal breaches, ants may still find their way inside. At ECPC Pest Control, we can partner with you to protect your Thorndale home from the threat of ants by eradicating any current infestation, eliminating ants at the source, and creating a chemical barrier around your home.

Eradicate any current infestation. Step one in the process of ant control is to eliminate any current infestation. A highly trained technician from ECPC Pest Control will apply chemical treatment in and around your home to eliminate any ants that have made it inside. We only use treatment options that are kid and pet friendly because the safety of your family is our priority.

Eliminate ants at the source. An important part of keeping ant from getting back into your house is to eliminate them at the source. We use treatment options that are designed to impact the ants we spray as well as those back at the colony. Ants from your home will return to the colony and share the treatment before they die off. Getting rid of ants at the source will slow down an invasion and give you time to make sure you are dealing with food waste quickly and consistently.

Create a chemical barrier around your home. Over time, ants will continue to try and invade your yard and your home. The best way to prevent future infestations is to create a chemical barrier around your home. We can apply treatment that works to keep ants out of your Thorndale home for an extended period of time. We can set you up on regularly scheduled pest treatments to ensure that your home remains continuously protected from the threat of ants.

Partner up with ECPC Pest Control to get rid of your ant issues and prevent them from returning. You can schedule online or give us a call today (484) 925-4001.

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