The Best Mosquito Control in Thorndale, PA

by May 23, 2022

Summer is quickly rolling in and drawing you and your family outdoors to enjoy the beautiful Thorndale weather. But as you heat up in the sunshine, mosquitoes start to get a waft of a tasty meal, your blood. Soon, being outside is simply unbearable because of the relentless biting of mosquitoes. Only female mosquitoes bite and they do so right before laying 100+ eggs. If you and your family come inside with several bites each, think about the number of mosquitoes that will soon be buzzing around your backyard in a matter of days.

Mosquito bites are not only itching but possibly harmful to your health. Many illnesses are transferred to humans through mosquito bites which can cause a pretty rough time. Illnesses like the West Nile virus, if you become symptomatic, can give you a headache as well as cause you to have chills, nausea, diarrhea, and more for several days. 

For children, not scratching the bites can be really difficult. Scratching can easily tear the skin and leave open sores on your child’s legs and arms. If their nails are not trimmed, dirt and bacteria can transfer from their nails to the open sores, causing an infection that may require a doctor’s visit.

Needless to say, mosquitoes can cause a lot of issues. Finding the best professional to provide you with reliable mosquito control is a wonderful way to avoid illnesses, infections, and itchiness.


When it comes to the best mosquito control, not only do you want the mosquitoes gone from your yard, but killing plants and other beneficial bugs like butterflies and bees in the process does not sit well. Chemical foggers can be very effective against mosquitoes but can hurt other living things on your property as well.

Fortunately, there is a highly effective, non-chemical option in Thorndale that not only targets the biting adult, but also mosquitoes at the larval stage. An extra advantage to this mosquito control treatment is that rain won’t wash it away so your yard continually stays protected from those pesky bloodsuckers.

How does it work?

By setting up mosquito stations around your yard, female mosquitoes will be drawn into the trap through scent. The adult mosquito will be contaminated with a non-chemical larvicide that she will transfer to many different breeding spots throughout your yard before she dies from a biological insecticide she picked up from the same trap. For residents of Thorndale, PA, the eco-friendly company, Environmentally Considered Pest Control, or ECPC, can provide the best, non-chemical mosquito control for your yard so you can feel good about the treatment and never see a mosquito buzzing around you or your family again.