Stinging Insect Control Experts in Chester County

by July 17, 2023

As more people are enjoying the outdoors with the nice summer weather, stinging insects start to build their nests in the eaves of homes, in tree branches, and under porches. Wasps and other stinging insects can become real pests if they are located too close to the places around your yard that you and your family members frequent. Even though they can be annoying and can even give you a painful sting, they are extremely helpful to our environment. Wasps can control bug populations, such as flies, from getting out of hand. Bees, of course, are crucial for pollinating plants.

Because of the necessity of wasps and bees, hiring the right pest control experts in Chester County is essential. You want to know how best to prevent these stinging insects from building nests around your home while not killing them off or spreading harmful chemicals around your yard. Finding an eco-conscious pest control company will help you get rid of the pests, while not destroying the environment.


Keeping stinging insects, especially aggressive species like yellowjackets, from building their nests near your home will eliminate the problem before it starts. A few ways to discourage wasps and hornets from making their home near your’s are:

  • Hang wasp decoys: An eco-friendly way to make wasps choose another location for their nests is to hang a wasp decoy near your home. Because they are so territorial, wasps will think they are on another wasps turf and stay away.
  •  Repelling plants: Bees love flowers but they aren’t crazy about basil, citronella, lavender, and lemongrass. Wasps also do not like mint, eucalyptus, marigolds, and geraniums.
  • Home-made natural spray: By either mixing dish soap and water or your own combination of essential oils and water, you can be ready to spray a wasp  in case you see one  around your home. The wasp should buzz away smelling nice but making plans to never return to your home again. 

Call in the experts

 If you have wasps buzzing around your home and want them gone, call the best stinging insect control experts in Chester County to remove these pests from your property. At Environmentally Considered Pest Control, or ECPC, we will gladly come out and identify which type of wasp you have flying around your porch and yard. After we know what we are up against, our technician will form a treatment plan for that particular insect.

Honey bees are beneficial to our environment. If we realize that you have a honey bee swarm in your yard, we may give a local beekeeper a call to remove it.

If you are tired of ducking out of the way of a buzzing wasp, let us help you get rid of these stinging insects safely and quickly. Give ECPC a call today.