Spider Problems in Malvern, PA

by September 25, 2023

No matter how brave a person thinks they are, if a spider unexpectedly drops on your shoulder or on the middle of your back, you are going to react. While spiders are definitely not about getting near you, if you accidentally get near them, they could jump at you to scare you away or possibly even bite you if you accidentally pick up something where they are hiding.

Some spider bites can sting, but most are not venomous enough to harm humans. There are two kinds of spiders in Malvern, PA that could require medical attention if you are bit. The Black Widow is common in some areas of Pennsylvania and should not be messed with. While the Brown Recluse is not so common in Malvern, PA, it still can be in boxes or other items that may be shipped to your home so it is always a good idea to be on the lookout for these spiders.

What does an infestation look like?

Deciding whether or not you have a spider infestation can help you decide what you should do to get rid of these eight legged creepers from your home. Spiders will get inside your home either by hiding inside something like a potted plant that you bring inside to water, or crawling on a bag or other item that you may have set down outside for a moment before bringing it inside. But just because you see a spider, doesn’t exactly mean you have an infestation.

An infestation usually has lots of spider webs throughout your home. Light fixtures, across windows, and behind doors will often have spider webs that come back quickly after you knock them down.

You will also find many other pests around your home. Along with insects like cockroaches, flies, earwigs, and beatles, you may also find several seemingly dead spiders. These aren’t actually dead spiders, but rather their shed exoskeletons, indicating you have a thriving spider community in your home.

What attracts spiders

Spiders love to eat bugs and bugs love to get into your home. If you tend to leave dirty dishes in your sink or crumbs under your table, insects like cockroaches, ants, and flies are sure to come, with spiders following not far behind. You may notice that you often see spiders in the bathroom, even in the bathtub. A leaky faucet or residual water left from a shower can attract spiders.

Keeping a clean, clutter-free house and calling a professional spider exterminator will help you achieve a pest-free home.

In Malvern, PA, to get the best pest control to eliminate your spider problem, call us at ECPC. We are committed to eco-friendly treatments so you won’t have to worry about harsh chemicals in your home, while making sure all spiders are eliminated.