Spider Problems for Exton, PA homeowners

by October 2, 2023

While there are many different species of spiders in Exton, PA, that live in many different types of environments, one place they are not welcome is in your home. Spiders can lay thousands of eggs at a time and can quickly develop into a problem if they are allowed to live and breed in your house. Preventing spiders from coming inside is the best way to stop a spider problem before it starts. But for Exton, PA homeowners who already have spiders living in their home, calling an eco-friendly spider control expert may be the best and quickest way to get rid of your spider problem.


Spiders are master trappers and hunters. They can be quite calculated as to where they place their webs so they can catch their food. Spiders seek out places with low human traffic but with a high insect population. Typical places to find spiders in your home include:

  • Attic
  • Basement
  • Garage
  • Rarely used cabinets
  • Top or bottom corner behind a door
  • Bottom shelf of a closet
  • High bathroom corners

To reduce the spider population in your home, you want to make sure that other insects aren’t having free reign in secluded spots around your house.

A few ways to keep spiders and their prey from living in your home is to clean out infrequently used spaces once or twice a year. You can sweep out your garage, and reorganize your attic and basement. If you see any bugs or spiders, use sticky traps or other eco-friendly ways to treat your home for these critters.

When wiping down surfaces, you can use white vinegar or other types of all purpose spray that will keep pests away. If while you are cleaning out these neglected spaces you find more than a few insects or spiders creeping around, you may want to give your trusted Exton pest control professional a call to eliminate both the spiders and  insects.

Other ways to eliminate spider problems include:

  • Trash: Do not let trash stay in your home for long. As soon as your trash can is full, remove it from the home and into an outside can with a good lid.
  • Do not leave food out: Be sure to put food back in the fridge or pantry in air tight containers so insects are not attracted to your kitchen
  • Vacuum, sweep, and mop regularly.

Keeping insects out of your home will help keep spiders from coming in as well. If you have a serious spider problem on your hands, getting professional help will rid your home of every last spider as quickly as possible.

For Exton homeowners who want an eco-friendly treatment to keep spiders and other insects from creeping into their homes, give our ECPC team a call today.