Rodent Prevention Tips for Chester County Homeowners

by October 24, 2022

Keeping pests out of your Chester County home is a regular maintenance issue that homeowners need to think about. This is the time of year when rodents like mice and rats are searching for a place to nestle down and endure the winter months. Rodents can multiply quickly and will soon be a much bigger problem if not addressed immediately. Whether you have seen a mouse recently or not, prevention tips will keep the rodents out so you don’t have to spend the winter with a rodent infestation. If you are determined to keep the mice and rats out of your home this season, follow these rodent prevention tips to keep your home mouse and rat free. 

Block entry points

While rodents are particularly skilled at finding holes or crevices of which to enter your home, they can’t walk through walls. Take some time assessing each room's, basement’s, and attic’s interior for any possible entry points or damage that can be easily repaired. Walk around the exterior of your home and even inspect your roof for weathering or damage.

  • Closing up holes and repairing damaged interior or exterior walls will keep the rodents from entering your home.
  • Replace any missing or damaged thresholds on exterior doors.
  • Be sure windows aren’t broken in any way or stuck partially open. Mice and rodents can flatten themselves and can get in through very narrow openings.
  • Replace roof if the damage is unable to be easily repaired. Not only do you want to keep rodents out, water could also do a lot of damage if your roof is not in top shape.

Set up a bait and trap system outside

If all possible entry points are secured, keep the rodents out by enticing them to stay outside. You may see mice or rats around your backyard or near your trash cans. If this is the case, place a bait and trap system outside your home. This will not only draw the rodents to a place other than your home, it will also trap the rodents so they can be removed from your premises.

Keep your home tidy

Mice and rats will want to enter a home that has plenty of food left out, possible water leaks or drips under sinks or in the bathtubs, and cluttered, less frequented areas.

  • Food should be contained to one room, like the kitchen, so that crumbs, plates, and old food is not forgotten, providing a meal for a mouse.
  • Rodents also need water so finding places around your home that have a water source will draw mice and rats in. Fix any water leaks promptly.
  • If garages, basements, or unused rooms are allowed to accumulate lots of stuff, this provides the perfect place for rodents to nest and hide when they hear you coming.

For help identifying entry points and setting up bait and trap systems in your yard, give the trusted and eco-friendly team at  Environmentally Considered Pest Control, ECPC, a call today!