Rodent Control and Prevention in Chester County

by February 28, 2022

Creating a home that is warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and a comfortable living environment for you and your family is important to cutting down on stress and providing a space for everyone to relax. Unfortunately, if you are comfortable in your home, a mouse will also be drawn to that comfortable environment. Rodents, like all other mammals, seek shelter, food, water, and company. If your Chester County home ticks all the boxes and is easily accessible, your home can quickly become overrun with rodents. For rodent control and prevention in Chester County, call a helpful professional pest control company to safely eradicate your rodent infestation.


Some people find rodents like mice and rats acceptable forms of pets. While others find the thought of a rat in the house quite unsettling either as a pet or a pest on the loose. Because of the large litters and early sexual maturity, rats are made to breed. A small rat problem of just two rats can quickly turn into a rat infestation of over 1,000 rats in only one year if not addressed.

It isn’t only indoor pests that can infest your property. Underground rodents like moles, voles, and gophers can also cause annoyance and damage to your flower beds, gardens, and lawn. Voles can start reproducing at only a month old and have up to 10 litters in a year.


Setting out traps can be helpful when you have a small rodent problem. But if you don’t have the time, if you just want to solve the problem, or your home is suffering from a full scale rodent infestation, calling a professional is the best way to clear those rodents out and keep them from coming back.

A pest control company will:

Inspect your property thoroughly

Identify entry points



Remove rodents

Remove nests


To keep rodents from re-infesting your property or home, a professional will:

Seal up any identified entry points

Set up bait and traps outside the home

Routinely inspect and treat your property for rodents


Rodents are not just cute, fuzzy animals looking for a good home. Rodents like mice and rats crawl through trash, sewers, and other unsanitary conditions and can carry the bacteria they pick up right into your home. Rats can also be hosts to a long, disgusting list of diseases that can affect your family and pets, such as, salmonella, tularemia, and even strep infections.

Do not take a risk with letting rodents invade your home or destroy your yard. They can cause damage from chewing up cables and fabrics, as well as bring diseases and bacteria to the very places your children and pets play. Stop rodents in their tracks by hiring the best eco-friendly pest control company in Chester County. Call Environmentally Considered Pest Control, ECPC, today!