Pest Prevention and Treatment in Downingtown

by April 25, 2022

Life is very busy and full of activities, responsibilities, and curveballs. Having a newly emerging pest problem in your Downingtown home or business is a new thing to deal with and the quicker you do, the less damage and frustration it can cause. Before your home is overrun with pests like termites, ants, cockroaches, or mice, learn a few easy habits and prevention methods to keep those little critters out of your home. If you find that some have already made their way inside, finding the effective treatment or calling a pest control professional will help you get past this pest predicament, and back to life as usual. For pest prevention and treatment in Downingtown, knowing what to expect and how to keep your home pest-free will help you rest easy whether you currently have a pest issue or want to be sure you never do.


When it comes to basic pest prevention, cleanliness, stopping entry, and knowing what attracts the pests inside in the first place will help you prevent these little creepers from ever stepping foot in your Downingtown home.


  • Wipe down your tables and counters with an all-purpose cleaner
  • Keep floors and surfaces free from crumbs, and, especially, sticky spots from surgery drink spills or honey
  • Do not have cluttered, infrequently used spaces if possible
  • Keep the yard well maintained

Stopping entry:

  • Caulk around windows and door frames.
  • Seal up any identified entry points
  • Set up bait and traps outside the home
  • Routinely inspect areas of the home that are dark and out of the way of normal home traffic


  • Never put your purse down on the carpet in public areas
  • When returning from a trip, change clothes and wash them on high heat before sitting down on the couch
  • Keep dirt and flower bed mulch below the foundation
  • Do not keep woodpiles and old stumps close to the house
  • Fix any water leaks immediately


If you find that you do have bed bugs, termites, cockroaches, or rodents living in your home, and any bait traps or over-the-counter sprays or natural deterrents are not working or taking longer to work then you would like, it is time to call in the ringer. Calling a professional, eco-friendly pest control service will not only treat your Downingtown home for the current pest problem, but they can also set up a routine treatment plan so that your home gets pest control attention monthly to be sure all pests are eliminated from the premises and any new infestations are caught early. If you want to keep your home and family safe from destructive and harmful pests but want to be sure you are making a good, safe decision for your family, call Environmentally Considered Pest Control (ECPC) for the best pest prevention and treatment in Downingtown.