Mosquito Control in Downingtown, PA

by May 9, 2022

As the weather begins to heat up and draws Downingtown residents out to enjoy the sunshine, mosquitoes come out in buzzing droves, ready for a meal. Mosquitoes bite incessantly and leave behind itchy, swollen welts. Mosquitoes aren’t only one of the biggest pests in the beautiful spring and summer months, but they can also carry harmful diseases that they can transfer to you when they bite. Allowing your family to be constantly bitten by these blood-sucking bugs just won’t fly. Often, the solution many people reach for is to fog their yards and even their clothes with chemical sprays to keep the mosquitoes away. Other residents of Downingtown, PA want some sort of alternative to chemical treatments. As the world becomes more environmentally aware, chemical-free options to battle your mosquito problem is becoming more readily available, especially in Downingtown, PA.

Basic prevention

Before you begin killing mosquitoes, take a little time to look around your yard for breeding spots that are spitting out newly flying mosquitoes by the thousands. Any place that catches water where it is allowed to sit stagnantly is the perfect place for a female mosquito to deposit her 100+ eggs. Flip those buckets, pots, trays, and kids’ toys over and let the water pour out so you won’t be hosting a breeding frenzy in your yard.

Professional treatment

When you call in a professional to treat your yard, more than likely, they will install a barrier around your property by spraying insecticide on your foliage and shrubs along the perimeter so mosquitoes are killed on contact when they land in these shady spots to rest. This can be very effective at killing adult mosquitoes and cutting down on the mosquito population in your yard.

Eco-friendly option

If you hire a professional to treat your yard that has eco-friendly options and methods, you can be sure the chemical-free treatment won’t hurt your children, pets, and beneficial bugs in your yard like butterflies.  It can not only take out the adult mosquitoes but can also be transferred to calm waters you have not discovered to kill mosquitoes in their earlier developmental stages.

Treatments that are chemical-free include bait systems that draw adult females in that will eventually kill her after a couple of days, but it allows her time to spread the non-chemical larvicide to multiple breeding spots throughout your yard before she dies. This system not only takes out adult mosquitoes but also contaminates breeding spots so that eggs laid by mosquitoes who have never entered the trap also die. Battling mosquitoes can certainly feel like a losing situation. Win the fight by calling in an eco-friendly mosquito control professional for backup. Environmentally Considered Pest Control, or ECPC, in Downingtown will help you say goodbye to mosquitoes while knowing your yard is safe for your family.