How to Identify a Bed Bug Infestation in Your Home

by January 23, 2023

Do you have a bed bug problem? You're not alone. Bed bugs are small, reddish-brown insects that feed on the blood of humans and animals. They're experts at hiding and can be found in cracks and crevices in furniture, walls, floors, and mattresses. Bed bugs are most active at night, which is when they bite their victims. These insects are a serious problem because they can cause anxiety, sleeplessness, and skin irritation. If you think you have bed bugs in your home, it is crucial to call a pest control professional to get rid of them.

Identifying bed bug bites

If you think you have bed bugs, the first step is to check for signs of the pests. One way to do this is by looking for bites on your body. If you wake up with bites that were not there when you went to bed, it could be a sign that you have bed bugs. Bed bugs are attracted to warmth and carbon dioxide, so they often bite people while they sleep. Bed bug bites can be hard to identify. They are usually small, red, and itchy, might be in a line or cluster, and can occur anywhere on the body. If you have bed bug bites, try to avoid scratching them. This can make the bites worse and cause an infection.

Signs you may have bed bugs

  1. Blood stains on sheets: If you have brown or reddish stains on your sheets, it could indicate that you have bed bugs. These pests feed on blood, and they often leave behind small stains as they bite. So if you see these stains on your sheets, it's important to check for other signs of bedbugs.
  1. Fecal matter on mattresses: If you’re waking up with bites you didn’t have when you went to sleep, it could be a sign of bed bugs. These pests are known to feed on human blood, and they leave behind telltale signs of their presence. One of the most obvious signs of bed bugs is fecal matter on mattresses. This feces is dark in color and may look like smears or spots. It can be difficult to see, so you may need to use a magnifying glass or flashlight to get a better look. If you see fecal matter on your mattress, it’s important to call a pest control professional right away. They can help identify the problem and get rid of the bed bugs before they cause further damage.
  1. Sweet, musty smell: This smell is caused by the bugs' scent glands, which they use to mark their territory.
  1. Shed skin: One way to do this is to look for their shed skin. Bed bugs shed their skin as they grow, so finding shed skin can be a good indicator that you have an infestation.

How to eliminate bed bugs

Bed bugs are a serious problem. They can cause great discomfort and may even lead to health problems. If you have bed bugs, getting rid of them as soon as possible is important. Here are some tips on how to get rid of bed bugs:

1. Vacuum your home regularly. It will help to remove any bed bugs that may be present.

2. Wash all of your bedding in hot water which will kill any bed bugs that are present.

3. Apply a pesticide to your mattress and box spring. This will help to kill any remaining bed bugs.

4. Seal up any cracks or crevices in your home where bedbugs could hide. This will help prevent them from coming back in the future.

Bed bugs are not easy to get rid of. If you think you have bed bugs, call a pest control professional right away. The sooner you get rid of them, the less likely they are to spread to other areas of your home or apartment. Don't wait - call Environmentally Considered Pest Control to exterminate your bed bugs today!