Exton, PA Rat and Mouse Control

by February 6, 2023

Rats and mice are common pests in Exton, Pennsylvania. They can enter homes and businesses through small openings and cracks and quickly reproduce once inside. Rats and mice can carry diseases that are harmful to humans, as well as cause damage to your home, so it is essential to take precautions if you see them on your property. If you think you have a rat or mouse problem, contact a pest control professional to eliminate them safely and effectively.

What Damage Can They Cause

Rats and mice are often thought of as nothing more than pests. However, these creatures can cause a great deal of damage to both homes and businesses. They can gnaw through wires, insulation, and even concrete. This can lead to fires, power outages, and structural damage. In addition, rats and mice can carry a number of diseases that can be transmitted to humans. These diseases include salmonella, hantavirus, and leptospirosis.

Signs of a Rat or Mouse Infestation

1. Droppings: If you think you have a rat or mouse infestation, one tell-tale sign is droppings. Rat and mouse droppings are similar in size and shape, but there are some key ways to tell them apart. For example, mouse droppings are usually black and smooth, while rat droppings are brown and have a more jagged appearance. If you see either type of dropping in your home, it's vital to take action right away.

2. Gnawing: One of the most telling signs of a rat or mouse problem is gnawing. Rats and mice like to gnaw on things because their teeth are constantly growing. So if you see chewed-up food packages, furniture, or electrical wires, it's a good indication you have rodents in your home.

Gnawing can also be a sign of hunger. If there's not enough food for the rodents, they'll start chewing on anything they can find - including your belongings! If you think you might have a rodent problem, contact a pest control professional to come and take a look.

3. Urine: Another noticeable sign of a rat or mouse infestation is urine. You may find tiny droplets of urine around your home, or you may notice a strong urine smell. Rodent urine has high concentrations of ammonia and uric acid, which gives it its distinctive unpleasant and very potent odor.

4. Nesting Materials: If you think you may have a rat or mouse infestation, one sign to look for is nesting materials. Mice and rats will use anything they can find to build their nests, including insulation, paper, fabric, and even your belongings. If you see evidence of nesting materials, it's a good indication that you have an infestation.

5. Noises: If you hear scratching noises in your walls or ceiling, it's likely a sign of a rat or mouse infestation. These pests are adept at squeezing into small spaces, and once they're inside your home, they can be challenging to get rid of. You may hear scratching, scurrying, seaking, or gnawing.

How to Prevent Rats & Mice

  • Seal any cracks or holes on the outside of your home. Mice can enter through minuscule openings, so it’s important to seal up any gaps.
  • Keep your home clean and free of food debris. Rats and mice are attracted to food sources, so keep countertops clean and store food in airtight containers.
  • Remove any potential hiding spots for rats and mice. These pests like to hide in dark, small spaces. So declutter your home and get rid of anything that might provide a hiding place for these pests.

In conclusion, if you are so unfortunate as to be dealing with rats or mice in your Exton, PA, home, call a professional rodent control company such as Environmentally Considered Pest Control. ECPC will be able to eliminate your rodent problem in no time.