Does Eco-Friendly Pest Control Work?

by October 30, 2023

Many people may be tempted to believe that if something is considered safe for the environment, that it may not work very well either. But this is not true. There are many different new and innovative ways to eliminate pests from your home without harsh chemicals or harming other beneficial insects. Understanding how a few of these eco-friendly pest treatments work can paint a better picture of how effective they can be in eradicating your home of pests.


Mosquitoes are a summertime nuisance and can make being outside miserable. Mosquito traps, like the In2Care®, eliminate the mosquitoes that come to the trap and other mosquitoes as well. The female mosquitoes fly inside a plastic bucket and  are contaminated with a larvicide and adulticide. The combination of these two  biological insecticides has a delayed reaction, allowing it to spread the treatment to other mosquitoes, killing off more larvae and adult mosquitoes as possible. All the while, no chemicals are sprayed around your yard and the mosquitoes magically disappear.


Termites can wreak havoc on the structure of your home. Eco-friendly pest control is highly effective in eliminating the termite infestations from your walls, floor, and attic.  Using Advanced Termite Bait Systems (ATBS) get rid of the termites without spraying or dumping termiticide into the soil. The stations draw in the termites to eat the bait, effectively eliminating the colony in a short period of time without chemicals.

Bed bugs

Bed bugs can be notoriously difficult to eradicate. By using a biopesticide made out of fungal spores, bed bugs will not only die as a result of walking through it, but they also carry it back to their nests, infecting more bed bugs with the spores that lead to their death in a couple of days. Within a matter of three days, your entire bed bug infestation could be over without using hard chemicals to treat your home.

Stinging insects

The best pest control for stinging insects first starts with an inspection. Depending on the type of wasp, a trusted pest technician will need to identify what kind of wasp you have before choosing a particular treatment.

Because wasps can be beneficial, a technician will first try to get the wasps to move on and not make their nests next to your home. Any preventive measure you can take to keep the wasps from building nests, the better. The main idea is you do not want wasp nests near the places around your yard that you frequent or where your children play.

An experienced technician will carefully inspect your property for any wasp nest and promptly remove any that are found.

Keeping insects, spiders, and rodents away from your home is important. To prevent any harm from happening to creatures that are not the target of the pest control, give us a call at ECPC today. We are located in Thorndale, PA and are happy to help you get rid of pests without harming the environment.