Do Spiders Crawl On You At Night?

by July 11, 2022

For many people, seeing a spider shortly before bed can lead to a constant worry that the eight legged arachnid may find its way to where they are sleeping. Though spiders have a menacing and clever appearance, they are mostly shy and steer clear of humans, even sleeping humans. Though the idea of any creeping spider crawling across your shoulder can certainly produce a dramatic reaction from you, the actual risk of the spider doing any bodily harm to you is extremely low. The chances of dying from a spider bite are only 1 in 50 million. But spider bites can hurt and they are a few spiders in the US that are venomous enough to cause harm. Most notably are the black widow and the brown recluse, which are both found in the US.

When do spiders bite humans?

Spiders do not bite humans unless they are somehow provoked or trapped. Situations in which spiders will bite include:

  • When they are picked up or caught with exposed hands
  • If a spider is hidden in shoes when you put your foot inside
  • If they are hiding in dirty laundry and you pick it up, accidentally pressing the spider into your arm
  • When you accidentally put your hand into a spider habitat

Should I kill spiders when I see them in the house?

In general, spiders can be very helpful in reducing other unwanted critters in your home. If you have a spider in the basement or laundry room that is out of the way, you can leave it to catch flies and other pests for you. But spiders can produce a lot more spiders in a very short period of time. Killing spiders in the most frequented parts of the house may just be a natural reaction for you. But if you are constantly seeing spiders and it is causing stress and anxiety, calling in a professional to quickly and safely eradicate the spider infestation from your home is an excellent idea.  Spiders can lay over a thousand eggs in a single egg sac. You could end up with more spiders than any other pest in your house. Call a professional to assess your spider problem and employ a chemical free treatment for your house to eliminate the spiders, while not leaving behind a harmful residue for you and your family.

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