Best Bed Bug Control in Thorndale, PA

by July 25, 2022

Bed bugs are tiny, oval-shaped parasitic insects that live in your mattresses, carpet, and behind the headboard. They come out at night to feast on blood so each female can lay three to five eggs each day, producing a bigger bed bug problem. If you have seen signs of a bed bug infestation in your home, it is crucial that you stop the problem immediately because it can quickly get out of hand. Even worse, your bed bug infestation can spread to your friends’ and family’s houses by clinging on to your clothes or sneaking into the pockets of your purse, and then hopping off their ride when they arrive at a new location. Finding a qualified pest control professional to quickly eradicate your pest problem before it spreads and affects even more people and homes.

Signs of bed bugs

If you want to search for evidence of bed bugs because you suspect a problem, the first place to check is along the piping, seams, or even the tag of your mattress.  Rip off the sheet and carefully look in these places for:

  • Red or brown spots caused by fecal matter
  • Discarded exoskeletons, oval in shape
  • Small reddish brown bugs in mattress that resemble appleseeds
  • Red or blistered bites on exposed arms and shoulders in a trail or a cluster


If you have found any of the above evidence that bed bugs are living, breeding, and feasting in your home, it is time to call in a professional. You can attempt to rid your home of bed bugs yourself, but many DIY attempts fail when trying to eradicate bed bugs. They are notoriously difficult to eliminate. But fortunately, residents in Thorndale, PA have an eco-friendly option when hiring a professional to treat their homes for bed bugs. By using a biopesticide made out of fungal spores, bed bugs will not only die as a result of walking through it, but they also carry it back to their nests, infecting more bed bugs with the spores that lead to their death in a couple of days. Within a matter of three days, your entire bed bug infestation could be over without using hard chemicals to treat your home.

Calling an expert is hands down the best way to quickly get those bed bugs out of your home. Using other methods may seem like they won’t hurt anything to try. But the longer the bed bugs are allowed to breed, the bigger problem you will have and the more places in your home will be infested with these blood sucking bugs. Get them out immediately and safely by calling Environmentally Considered Pest Control, ECPC, today.