Are Termites Common in Chester County?

by May 16, 2022

Termites are present in all but one state in the United States, which is Alaska. There are spots in the country where termite activity can be light but for the majority of American homeowners, termites will probably be an issue at some point in their lives. In Chester County, PA, while not as heavily probable an area for termite destruction as other parts of the country, termites infestations are certainly common and more likely than not. Do not leave the risk of getting a termite infestation up to chance. By scheduling a regular termite inspection, you will be able to rest knowing that even if these destructive critters get into your walls and roof, they will be stopped before they have a chance to eat away at your home.


Termites can easily cause costly damage and could potentially affect the structural integrity of your home if left to eat to their hearts’ content. A few things you can do to prevent your home from being easily accessible to termites are:

  • Look at your foundation. Regardless of what type of foundation you have, keeping everything from dirt to mulch to shrubs away from the foundation is essential. Termites can infest the mulch in flower beds and will use the cover to find cracks and holes along the edges of your home to get inside. If you have a crawl space under your home, termites will create dirt tunnels up into your floorboards.
  • Wood piles and old stumps close to the house also bring termites right up to your doorstep.
  • Fix any water leaks immediately because termites need a water source in order to thrive in your home.


When you call a professional pest control company to inspect your home for termites, the trained eye of the technician will thoroughly search your home and property for these bugs that can cause so much damage. If you want to help make sure every inch of your home is inspected, prepare your home by clearing out items from dark, forgotten places in and around your house before your technician arrives. Places like:

  • Attic
  • Crawl spaces
  • High, unused cabinets
  • Around the perimeter of the home

Eco-friendly Treatment

Eco-friendly pest control is highly effective in eliminating termite infestations from your home.  Using Advanced Termite Bait Systems (ATBS) get rid of the termites without spraying or dumping termiticide into the soil. The stations draw in the termites to eat the bait, effectively eliminating the colony in a short period of time without chemicals. Don’t put off starting a yearly inspection of your home to protect it from the expensive damage of termites. Keep your home, family, and your wallet safe from the destructive effects of termites by calling a professional who has a plan and the experience to treat your home and property for termites. Contact the best, eco-friendly termite exterminators in Chester County by calling Environmentally Considered Pest Control, or ECPC, today!