Ant Control and Prevention in Downingtown, PA

by September 26, 2022

Unfortunately, Downingtown, PA, is home to ants, a common pest found in many homes throughout the United States. These ants can definitely be a nuisance, as they can invade your home, contaminate your food, and even spread disease. There are multiple species of ants, but most can be controlled utilizing the same methods. This article will outline the most effective methods for controlling and preventing ants in your Downingtown, PA, home.

Ant Prevention:

  • Keep your Kitchen Clean

You can do a few things to help prevent ants from invading your home. One is to keep your kitchen clean and free of food scraps. Sweep and mop regularly, and keep all food hidden away. Ants are attracted to food, so ensure to properly seal any food you store in the pantry or refrigerator.

  • Remove Water Sources

Did you know that one of the reasons ants invade homes is because of the water sources near or around the house? If you remove these water sources, you can significantly reduce the chances of an ant invasion. One way to remove water sources is to fix any leaks in your plumbing. Another way is to clean your gutters so that water doesn't flow near your foundation. Keep pet water bowls clean, and put away any sugary drinks.

  • Seal Up Cracks

Make sure to check around your home's foundation for any cracks or holes where ants could gain access, and seal them up if necessary. Ants also get into your home through crevices and cracks in the walls, windows, and floor, so caulking those places is of utmost importance.

Ant Control:

  • Boil Water

If you're looking for an easy way to get rid of ants, boiling water is a great option. All you need to do is pour boiling water over the anthill to kill the ants. However, be sure to avoid pouring boiling water on any plants nearby, as it could damage them, and be careful to avoid burning yourself, other people, or pets.

  • Try Insecticide, Spray, or Traps

Another more toxic yet effective method is spraying ants with an insecticide. You can also place ant traps near the entrances of your home. Insecticide can be sprayed directly on the ants or used as bait to lure them to a trap. Spraying is an effective way to get rid of ants in hard-to-reach places, and traps can be placed near ant trails to capture them. The best way to get rid of ants depends on the colony's size and location. If there are only a few ants in a small area, they can be killed with a household cleaner or an over-the-counter insecticide. If there is a large colony of ants, they will need to be sprayed with an insecticide made explicitly for killing ants.

  • Use Oils

Essential oils such as clove, peppermint, and citrus are all effective essential oils that can be used as natural pesticides. These essential oils have been found to be toxic to ants, and on top of that, they dislike the way they smell.

  • Try Mint

As strange as this sounds, using mint is effective against ants. You can place mint leaves near entry points like windows and doors, as ants don't like the smell of mint.

When to Call a Professional Exterminator

When ants invade your home, it’s crucial to act quickly. While you may be able to get rid of a few ants on your own, it’s often best to call a professional exterminator. Ants can be difficult to get rid of, and if you’re not careful, you may worsen the problem. Professional exterminators have the experience and equipment necessary to eliminate ants quickly and effectively. They can also identify the source of the infestation and take steps to prevent future problems.

Ants are an annoying pest that can be difficult to control. If you live in the Downingtown, PA area and need assistance with ant control, call ECPC Pest Control. They offer various services to help you get rid of these pests for good.